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The Optimized Fluidized Bed Dynamics principle


The “Optimized Dynamics” principle in the fluidized bed refers to a patented technology that embodies the arrangement of the air-assisted urea spray nozzles in such a way that banks of open spaces are formed between the rows of sprayers to enable a rolling motions inside the fluidized bed layer. This principle allows operating the Granulator at low bed level, reducing the pressure drop over the system and at the same time ensuring the much needed movement in the bed without the need for a thick layer fluidized bed.

The movement in the fluidized bed is much more controlled than the movement in a thick layer fluidized which leads to a more homogenous build-up of the granules and higher spraying efficiency at lower required air pressure.

You can find more information on the process on the dedicated process characteristics page. And if you want to learn more about Green Granulation’s OFBD and Cold Recycle Granulation (CRG) processes or other fertilizer technology we offer, you can of course also contact Green Granulation by phone or email.


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