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Green Granulation references

When Green Granulation company was first established, its main focus was delivering state-of-the-art granulation technology to clients in China. Building on the experience accumulated designing and commissioning those units and through extensive R&D efforts, Green Granulation has continuously been developing its granulation technologies.

By today, Green Granulation is a globally known licensor of fluid bed granulation technologies including optimized urea granulation and AN / CAN granulation processes, the CRG process and a range of cooling and scrubbing solutions. have been implemented in a growing number of projects. Green Granulation’s reference list includes end-users from Asia, Europe and Africa.

If you are interested in using one of Green Granulation’s technologies in your plant, a complete reference list is available. For such a list, or to learn more about fertilizer granulation technology Green Granulation has to offer, please contact Green Granulation by phone or email.


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