Innovative Fudao Urea Granulation Plant Started Up Successfully

Due to joint efforts by licensor and client, despite the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID related restrictions, the world’s first small and medium size urea granule producing, low-emission fluid-bed granulation plant, constructed in Dongfang, Hainan province, China as part of CNOOC Fudao’s so-called “Low-emission Urea Production Key Technology and New Value-added Product Development Project”, was started up successfully, during first commissioning, when small size granular urea was first produced in the evening of September 25, 2021.

The plant, licensed and PDP designed by Green Granulation, is the first fluid-bed granulation plant designed specifically for the production of small and medium size urea granules. The plant sees the first application of a number of granulation technologies, including flexible size distributions in a single plant, low-emission, horizontal double-temperature water-based scrubbing of dust as well as ammonia abatement. Another feature of the unit is the separation of evaporation sections for urea solution feedstock and recycled scrubbing solution, allowing for the production of various kinds of urea(-based) products.

Besides being a production facility, the plant also acts as a research and development unit to develop new technologies and products, and has the potential to produce solid DEF, various value-added urea products, urea-based compound fertilizer and other more environmentally friendly products at reduced consumption levels.

Green granulation will of course offer Fudao company its continuous assistance support to optimize the system further and help them materialize their research and development goals.

If you want to learn more about fertilizer granulation technology Green Granulation has to offer, please contact Green Granulation by phone or email.

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